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If you’ve been discriminated against in any way at work or in seeking employment, you may think that doing something about it won’t matter. But it matters. It’s your job. It’s your future. You shouldn’t lose out on opportunities because you’re pregnant, aging, of a certain race, practice a certain religion, etc. With Krigel Nugent + Moore, you have a team with diverse practice experience that will fight for you and your future.


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We represent employees and employers in Kansas City who face any discrimination issue, including discrimination for:



Nation of Origin

Race / Skin Color



Sexual Orientation

Information for Employers

Missouri employers are required to post notices advising employees of their rights under the Missouri Human Rights Act. Employers should take measures to ensure that these notices are accessible to all employees, including those with visual impairments or other disabilities that may impact their ability to read the notices.

The Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations offers workplace training to protect human rights in the workplace. Click here to learn more and register your staff and supervisors for training on sexual harassment prevention and other discriminatory practices in the workplace.

Legal Advisors: Discrimination

Our Discrimination Attorneys:

Lara Krigel Pabst

Lara Krigel Pabst

Shareholder, Attorney

Ivan Nugent

Ivan Nugent

Shareholder, Attorney

S.J. Moore

S.J. Moore

Shareholder, Attorney

Jeffrey E. Klusmeier

Jeff Klusmeier



“In a legal situation that was daunting, confusing, and thoroughly stressful, the team at KNM was indispensable. The attorneys were knowledgeable, prompt, patient, and communicative. Always taking the time to walk me through the processes & what to expect in the next steps. I couldn’t recommend a better group of professionals.” – Nick B.

“They are superior in their understanding of the law and compassionate about solving their clients’ problems.” – Jeff & Janet

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